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We Rescue, Rehabilitate and find new homes for 
West Highland White Terriers WESTIE  RESCUE  OF  NORTH  TEXAS

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WRNT volunteers will travel to shelters, veterinarians, clinics and private homes to accept Westies into the Rescue program. A trained Intake Counselor will evaluate the dog, determine if WRNT is capable of providing meaningful service, and arrange for the animal to be accepted, if appropriate.

Rescue is the first step toward rehabilitation and placement of a Westie in need.

Key Benefits


WRNT directors and volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, and most, if not all, are Westie Parents themselves. WRNT understands the unique temperament, health requirements and breed-specific genetics at work in a Westie. Familiarity with a variety of Westie-specific health issues allows us to concentrate on getting every Westie in need back to his or her full potential.

Breed-Specific Health Issues

WRNT volunteers are familiar with the unique skin, nutritional and genetic factors that may negatively affect a Westie in need. By assisting our veterinarians in diagnosis and treatment, we can often return a Westie to good health faster, cheaper and more efficiently than a shelter or general-dog rescue facility.

Breed-Specific Temperament

Westies are feisty, mischievous and full of energy. Often times a new Westie owner is unprepared for such a little ball of energy. WRNT volunteers, often Westie Parents themselves, are prepared to understand and accept typical Westie behavior. We work with our prospective Adoptive parents to ensure they're well aware that this isn't a lap dog they're considering!

Foster Care

WRNT is committed to providing all necessary veterinarian services as well as grooming and limited behavior modification to prepare a needy Westie for adoption.

WRNT has a network of Foster Parents ready to accept a Westie in need at any time. Our Foster Parents sometimes have a difficult road to travel in the rehabilitation of a rescued Westie. Often we see abused or neglected Westies, some with medical conditions that require the dedication of countless hours. We feel it's all worth it when you see that Westie Spirit come shining through and watch that sick or abused dog become the effervescent, spirited companion that we come to expect in the breed.

Key Benefits


WRNT has many years experience with Rescuing Westies in the DFW/North Texas region. We understand what it takes to diagnose, design and implement a treatment plan for abused and neglected Westies. Our Foster Parents are the core of our rehabilitation program.

Temporary Housing

Our network of Foster Parents provides, on short notice, a safe, comfortable home for abused and neglected Westies inducted into the Program. Foster Parents are never compensated for their time, but do receive their expenses from WRNT. Foster Parenting is all about caring for the Westies and placing their interests at the forefront.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Every Westie taken into the program undergoes an examination for health issues. If required, WRNT and our Foster Parents, begin the necessary treatment regimen designed to bring out the healthy, happy Westie inside. Veterinarian expenses are borne by WRNT through the generosity of our donors, service providers and through adoption fees.

Pre-Adoption Care

Before we permit any Westie to go to his or her "Forever Home", we make sure they're up-to-date on all shots and have been spayed or neutered. No Westie that passes through the program is permitted to be used for breeding, to be given or sold to any commercial entity or knowingly placed in an unsuitable home.


WRNT will search for a new "Forever Home" for every Westie accepted into Rescue. Our goal is to place every Westie in a loving home.

WRNT maintains an active list of Forever Parents eager to provide a loving home to a rescued Westie.

Westies are NOT for everyone. They're not lap dogs and they're not always suitable for small children. If you want an active, eager member of the family, then consider a Westie. While small on the outside, the Westie is imbued with an overabundance of spirit. Intelligent and inquisitive, Westies demand to be "in the thick of things" and won't settle for less.

Key Benefits


Through screening, support and contact, WRNT helps to ensure every adopted Westie, and their Forever Parents, have the tools necessary to create a successful Westie family. In the event an adoptive parent can not properly care for their Westie, WRNT stands ready to accept that dog back into the program.

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