Adoption Support

What support will I get once I have adopted the dog.?

Once your have your new fur kid home that is not the end of your  relationship with W.R.N.T. We will allow you to settle in for a day or 2 and then we will contact you to see how everyone is settling in and to answer any queries / questions you may have.  We do like to stay in contact with you on a long term basis to make sure it is all working out ok and also there is nothing more fulfilling for us to watch one of our foster dogs bloom into a wonderful Westie.  Our foster parents like to keep in touch with the families that adopt their dogs and we will also send you our monthly newsletter and details of any events that we feel you would like to attend.  We invite all our past adopters to our annual event such as the ice cream social and Westie walk.

We will always be just a click or a call away.

We like to think that you adopt not only the dog but also W.R.N.T.

What if we adopt a Westie and he ends up not fitting in with our lifestyle or other pets?

We strive to place every rescue Westie in his or her "forever home" and this is the reason we do the home visits and meet and greets, but things don't always work out as planned. If, at any time, you decide your adopted Westie is not going to fit in with your family, lifestyle or other pets, we will take him back. In fact, when you complete an Adoption Agreement you must agree, if you ever decide to give up your Westie, to return them Westie Rescue of North Texas.

We want you to love your Westie as much as he's going to love you, so if it doesn't work out, just let us know!