How  long does it take to process my Adoption or Foster Application?

Essentially, the application process is complete upon entering your information into our database. Normally, we have every application ready for access within a 24- to 48-hour period. We are an entirely volunteer-based organization, so this time may change - but usually we're fairly quick in getting new applicants into the active process.

How  long do I have to wait for a Westie?

There is no real answer to that question - at least not one measured in days or weeks. When we have a dog who needs a Foster or Forever home whose needs align with your desires, we will contact you. Usually, when we have an available dog, we'll either call or email all those applicants who are suitable for that dog. Remember, our goal is to meet the dogs' needs first, matching them to the best environment. Most Westies in the WRNT program have already been through an awful lot of trauma - emotionally and often physically - and it is their needs we have to consider first.

How  much does it cost to adopt a Westie?

The minimum donation for most adoptions facilitated by WRNT are as follows:-

Under 1 year - $400 each

1 year -8 years:  $350 each

Over 8 years old:  $250  each

In 80% of our adoptions, this amount is far less than we spend to rehabilitate and return them to health. Any amount you wish to donate over the minimum request is very much appreciated, and is eligible for favorable tax treatment as WRNT is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.

**(There are always exceptions and each dogs  requested donation will be decided on a case by case basis, the requested donation will be confirmed at the meet & greet).

What is the adoption process?

WRNT maintains a file of information on prospective adopters within the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and on what Westies they may be willing to consider.

The first step of the process is to complete the adoption application form which is available here on our website.

The application must be completed by the person whom will be adopting the dog and legally responsible for it.

Your application will be reviewed once you complete and submit it, if this is tentatively accepted by the Board of Directors the next step is initiated.

A WRNT Director conducts a vet check (if you have a vet reference listed on application)

A WRNT Director will conduct a home visit, this allows us to get to know you and the other members of your household so we can assess which personality dog will be a good match for you. It also allows us to decide if we feel you are a good candidate for adoption and that your home is safe environment for one of our dogs.

If all of the above pass, a meet-n-greet is scheduled for the rescue and the family to ensure it is a perfect match. If we all feel it is a successful match then the adoption can be scheduled.

If it is not a successful match then your application will be kept on file for up to 6 months and reviewed as further new dogs come into the program.

I have sent in my application and I have not heard back from anyone!

If you have submitted your application and you have not heard back from us then it is most likely that we feel we do not have a dog that will match you at this time or that your application has not been accepted by the board of directors.

Most applications once tentatively accepted are processed and contacted within the week it was submitted.

Please visit our Adoption page for online applications