Is this dog 100% housebroken?

No, Just because the dog is housebroken here doesn't mean you won't have a problem at your home. All dogs need to be supervised as they first enter your home. They need to be shown which door is the correct one for outside potty and if they've never used a doggy door before, how to use one. We also recommend with a male to put a belly band or diaper on him for the first day, to prevent marking of his new territory. That way all his marking are in something that can be disposed of as opposed to your walls and furniture. This way you can also correct him when you see him raise his leg.


WRNT maintains a list of good homes - Forever Parents who are eager to love and care for an abused or neglected Westie. It's important to note that some of the Westies that come through our program have already been through a lot of trauma. It takes a special kind of family to accept and understand what their Westie has been through. WRNT takes great care to ensure that the prospective family is aware of the difficulties they may face, and to support them in making a successful home for their new Westie.


WRNT provides emotional and practical support tools to help the new Forever Family care for their new Westie. Normally a self-confident, cheerful little dog, abused and neglected Westies often have special needs. WRNT will assist the new Forever Parent with referrals to appropriate health-care providers, trainers and our volunteers - we want our Forever Parents and their new Westie to be successful.