Will my adopted Westie need any type of shots or vaccinations immediately after I adopt him? 

No, when we take a Westie into our program he is given the following:-

  • All Shots Will Be Up To Date
  • Fecal Check
  • Heartworm Tested/Heartworm Pill
  • Microchiped (we will register it for you)
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Dental check,
  • Treatment begun or completed on existing issues
  • Any known medical issues identified by us will be disclosed before adoption
  • Any known behavior issues identified by us will be disclosed before adoption

We suggest after you adopt a Westie from us you take him to your vet for a check-up and visit, but he won't need any vaccination shots or injections at that visit.

Can dogs treated for heartworm's get heartworm's again?

Yes, If you don't keep them on heartworm preventative. Since heartworm preventatives are safe, effective and affordable there is no meaningful or practical reason any dog should ever get heartworm's.

Do Westies shed?

No. Not anymore than we as humans shed. All animals shed to some degree, however, since Westies don't get a winter coat shedding is not typically a major problem. Of course, a dog that is well groomed and bathed regularly will shed even less!

Where can I find a good Westie Vet?

You can go where WRNT goes for all our Veterinary Care. Go to our Vet’s page on this site and you'll see information on all the Vet clinics we take our furkids to. While many Veterinarians are familiar with Westies and the ailments that are common to them, WRNT has found the vets we work with to be especially mindful of the emotional and physical trauma visited upon many of the Westies we care for. No matter which Veterinarian you choose, it's imperative that you treat your Westie's health with the same seriousness you have for your own well being. After all, a Westie is not a toy, it's a living, breathing being - worthy of your concern, your time and your best efforts